Friday, September 15, 2006

Can't we all just get along?

Way to fight those stereotypes CBS "Survivor!"

In this season, there are four tribes split by race. Contestants didn't realize this was the dealio until Propes split them up into the Cracka tribe, the Bruthaz and Sistaz, the asians and the hispanics.

Once the gig was up, folks quickly realized they went from being under the normal race magnifying glass to being in front of the race hubble telescope (after the put the lense in correctly). The general sentiment across all tribes was we need to represent and show how shallow existing stereotypes are.

And represent they did.

Here are a few observations...

(a) During the first challenge the hispanics built a boat to get off the island in record time and gained an early lead

(b) The hispanics lost said lead during the puzzle. The asians, however, ripped through the puzzle like a Ginsu through a soda can.

(c) The african-americans came in last, but were allowed to select one person from one of the other teams to go to exile island. Who did they pick? Whitey. They based their decisions on the number of chickens whitey had, and then yelled "Karma is a bizzle."

Way to fight those stereotypes.

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