Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fury of Posting

Ok, so I am making up for lost time here (at the prompting of and admonishment by one Brother Rob).

As a follow-up to that whole Mickey's Beer Pong Fiasco, I wish to make two additional points.

First, as the official sponsor of UFC, it should not come at any surprise that subing out Miller Lite for Hand Grenades will almost certainly end with some form of a physical altercation. Remember that Tyson fight where Iron Mike bit off a piece of Evander's ear? Know who sponsored that little event? St. Ides. I know this because I have a commemorative can in my basement that I bought off ebay for $1.75.

Some will say, topic 15, that malt liquor's gonna rot your brain! Possibly, but thanks to Mickeys, I now have a way to strengthen the brain cells which their product doesn't pickle.
Introducing, the Mickey's caps brain teasers...

Under each cap is a unique and fun puzzle which challenges the consumer to figure out a saying or phrase using only pictures. Think of Win Lose or Draw meets Gary Busey.
Unfortunately, Mickeys fails to include the biggest puzzle of them all. Why the hell would anyone drink this crap in the first place? It is pretty much the ass end of the malt liquor spectrum.

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