Saturday, May 19, 2007

On the road again...

Yes yes yall, it's that time again, heading cross country on another research tour.

I just finished the New York leg and am pleased to report that city is as colorful and crazy as ever.

While walking down Madison avenue, I heard this disturbing comment, "Jimmy's balls smell like my grandma's house." Being the natural scientist that I am, I couldn't help but wonder the direction of that relationship. Do Jimmy's balls smell like metamucil and dried flowers? Or does grandma's house smell like balls? Regardless, I am not inclined to find out. As a second twist to this twisted story, that comment was heard from a dude.

Next stop, Dallas, then SF which means 15 hour days and rides in the rental car. You know what happened last time those two components merged?

Expect another magic verse in a week or so.

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