Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh so you got jokes now?

Anyone watch last comic standing last night?

Anyone racking their brains for the punchlines for the mobile phone text message jokes which could be purchased for the mere cost of $1 a piece?

Well rack no more and prepare for 3 of the worst jokes you will ever hear.

Joke #1
How much does it cost for a pirate to get their ears pierced?

A Bucaneer (a buck an ear)

Joke #2
What did the tortilla say when it got to the end of the tight rope?


Joke #3
What is orange and sounds like a parrot?

An orange parrot.

No just kidding.

A carrot.

Congrats. You now have a comedic set good enough to make a room full of retards laugh.

Really, the only redeeming value of those jokes is that you now have a really solid chance of winning a contest of who's got the worst joke?

Speaking of which, what is a cat's favorite color?


Is bazooka joe hiring? Cause I am on fiiiiiiyyyaaaa!

Pass the cough syrup.

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