Monday, June 18, 2007


Ha Ha Yeahhhhhhh!

We put the Wii in weekend thanks to a nice little bundle of joy which arrived from Nintendo last Friday. I have to say I am impressed with Nintendo's innovation with the Wii (and due to the scarce supplies, obviously I am not the only one).

The selling points of the machine are two-fold. First, its virtual console gives you access to old school gems like Zelda, punch-out and lesser known games like Lode-runner. Building on this retro movement, you can pimp you Wii with this swank skin.

Second, is the simple pleasures of the newer games, such as WarioWare smooth moves, which is largely designed for people who get bored with a game after 15 seconds. Thus, WarioWares is a collection of games that each last about 10 seconds each. Not sold yet? Well in one of the mini-games, you get to poke homeless people with a stick to shoo them away. Ok maybe they are not identified as people or necessarily homeless, but they could be.

Eitherway you cut it, the $250 is the shiznit and will tide me over until either Microsoft or Sony breaks and brings their console price down to less than a car payment.

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