Friday, June 01, 2007

SF highlights

Ok, two little gems from my SF trip thus far...

Story 1 -- Holding it down, BevMo style

While in town, me and MC hit up one of my favorite local establishments, BevMo, in a continued yet unfruitful search for barbara. No luck on the swiss beer, but I did manage to find me a bottle of sam adams triple bock. While not quite as bad boy as its big brother Utopias, triple bock is a rare find. And gross. Tastes like raisin, Dr. Pepper, and Henny. Bleh. Still chaulk one more up to the Sam Adams adventure.

Probably more entertaining was the fact that Suge Knight was working the check-out counter. I asked him if he carried "Death and taxes" but he just laughed and said, where you from boy? I ain't never heard of nothing like that. I felt my bevmo cred failing, then threw the triple bock on the counter and asked if they carried Utopias. I looked at me like I was out of my mind, but before he could question, his co-worker chimed in saying, OH SNAP! That Utopias is SICK! It comes in a copper bottle, runs a cool $150 a bottle and tastes like yak. As my bevmo cred began to recover, I sealed the deal with my final comment, "Yeah, it's pretty rare, like an albino midget." Suge replied, "Oh yeah, you NEVER see those around too often."

Story 2 -- The Pink Whistle

So as a sort of deviant social experiment, my friend MC, keeps a pink whistle in his glove compartment of his car. And as he drives around he will randomly blow the whistle and point at people they yell "who do you think you are?" Just to see how they react. He once caught a couple making out, then blew the whistle and they ran in a panic.

That is good stuff.

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