Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ah, it's the litte things that count...

I have been bothered by something for quite sometime.

There is a line in the movie Friday where Craig's dad is lecturing him about always being up in the fridge, eating all the food. During his diatribe, he mentions "I like hog's maw, I like pig's feet" and my ignorance of the former has always served as a matter of iritation considering my running status of the "go-to" source for useless information, especially that which is urban in nature.

All that ended last night, while thumbing through Just Curious, Jeeves, a book devoted to information as random as it is useless. While reading an excerpt about chitterlings (or as most would know them, chitlins) I noticed to following answer to my prayers:

Fried chitlins are first boiled with spices, then fried. Often, they are made with the maw (stomach) cooked at the same time as part of the same dish.

There you go. Craig's dad likes pig stomach with his pig intestines.

I found a few combinitations of things that I like this weekend as well.

For starters, I am just going to come right out and say it, the black 8 is delicious. Maybe it had something to do with the equally as tasty Sake bomb beforehand, but it was a delight to consume.

What's a black 8?

Lest, ye forget, it is a 40 ounce bottle of OE, drained down to the top of the label, then topped off with a guiness extra stout. Think of it as a frankenstien black and tan. You need to go get one. Now.

What is a sake bomb?

Like an irish car bomb, it is a shot (Sake) dropped into a glass of beer (Sapporo). There is a technique to doing involving chop sticks, banging on the counter and yelling banzai, but due to my lack of engineering skills and sloppy stick placement, we didn't get past the first step before slamming that unnatural disaster down. It wasn't half bad. Like a PBR with a little kicker.

In totally unrelated news, I think I am now hooked on a new show, survivorman (thanks Rob). I mean who wouldn't want to watch some yahoo start a fire using leftover gas and a battery from a crashed plane? I hear he even makes candles out of doritos. I wish I would have known, cause I would have burned that whole X-14C display like the 4th of july.

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