Thursday, August 11, 2005


So... I went to Borders/Barnes and Noble/whatever that big book store is in Reston Town Center at lunch and looked for a good twenty minutes for that damn book. Of course, they didn't have one of those self-help kiosks when I am looking for a book called "Why do men have nipples?"

When I finally mustered the courage to ask the crotchety old librarian looking lady behind the counter (acknowledging the strong likelihood that I may get slapped or at least garner a questionable look), she simply replied "the nipple book is on back order." (in my mind as I write this, I can't help but think that it would have been exponentially more funny/disturbing if she further abbreviated to 'the nipple is on back order,' but I digress).

Apparently the book is quite popular. Second only to Harry Potter on Amazon's best sellers of the last 10 minutes.

HMMMM, maybe someone should write a book "why does harry potter have nipples?" Maybe that's what the ole bird JK has in store for next year.

Simple logic suggests that book would REALLY be a top seller. I bet Michael Jackson would buy a couple thousand copies alone.

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