Friday, August 05, 2005

Dirty damn email lies!

So apparently Ms. Monroe did not have six toes.

A google search told me so.

F*ckity, F*ck, F*ck, F*ck. That's twice that I have been wrong. Damn you! email forwards and the false sense of truth you instill by being written in actual words.

But Darryl Hannah is definitely missing a finger (or atleast part of one). Rumor has it, the chubby Baldwin brother bit it off when he got high one night at Tommy Lee's house.

So, I just got back from NYC (thus the lack-0-updates this week) and much to my chagrin, I failed to see any crazy homeless people. I thought for sure that I spotted a raving lunatic, but it was only a business lady yelling at someone on her well hidden bluetooth wireless earpiece.

I'm telling ya, those wireless folks are ruining it for the true crazies.

In other random news, I watched an episode of kill reality last night. Man what a cast of hooligans. I mean how F'd up does that group have to be to make Staci J (formerly the crazy-ass black lady from the apprentice and girlfriend of Paul Mooney) seem like the normal one?

*sigh* I hate you, reality tv.

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The Governess said...

*sigh* I love you, crazy Tonya from Real World. You are so very crazy.

But not as much as I love you, Manly Toni from Drunken Asshole Hotel. You are the manniest woman ever.