Tuesday, August 16, 2005

So long germantown...

As my good friend snoop dog would say...We got a contrizzle on our townhizzle, fo' shizzle my nizzle.

Data suggests it is a really nice area.

One friend even remarked, wow, you must be living in a nice area, your trashman is white.

Personal experience begs to differ.

Consider last year's visit from Ghetto Santa (instead of sliding down the chimney and leaving gifts, he breaks the sliding glass door and steals all of your PS2 games).

Or the whole "snowball" incident where I chased down local hoodlums throwing snowballs at cars only to catch the fat one and subject him a good bout of psychological torture (I would have much rather numchucked him, but my chux were at home). He finally gave up the info on his friends and where he lived as a sort of a plea bargain to avoid being turn over to the police which were "en route" as we spoke.

Not to mention the minor issues with gangs, carjacking or rape.

Somehow the neighborhood pool, walking trail, and local dutch market don't really offset that titanically tumultuous trio --special shout-out to my alliteration posse! Can I get a what-what!

Time to get the F' outta dodge.

So long germantown. I'll miss you and your low rent crime ridden populous.


take that germantown.


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