Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What’s the deal pickles? Is everything kosher?

Ah yes, the fine words of wisdom from one Huggy Low down, the D.C. Metropolitan area’s favorite celebrity snitch and until 8:07 this morning -- my latest guilty pleasure of the moment.

Every morning around 6:50 Donnie Simpson (no relation to homer—he’s a morning radio personality on WPGC) receives a check in from Mr. Low Down. The typical HLD conversation goes something like “Donnie?...Donnie?......Donnie?...hehe…you not gonna believe this” Followed by some relevant celebrity gossip and closed with calling Bobby Brown a “bama.” I think BB has held the bama of the week crown for the past month and a half.

This morning, however, there was a changing of the guard. After listening to Huggy Lowdown blame mayor Williams for the lack of an electrical outlet at Haines point, I pulled into 7-11 for the breakfast of champions, diet pepsi and a met-rx protien bar. Enroute to the counter, the evil Utz Jezebel Temptress threw my diet the mother of all curveballs, cheesey pizza cheese puffs.

Are you kidding me? Cheesey poofs and pizza goodness in a single package? Say hello to my new vice (in theory as I didn’t actually make the purchase as I fear my expectations will far exceed the experience must less justify the obscene amount of cardio required to offset what I assume to be crunchy-pizza-cheese-alicious bliss). Damn you Salie Utz! Damn you straight to hell!

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