Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The great elevator race of 1993

While on a break I decided to take up a new hobby, recreational elevator riding. Actually, I just wanted to go get an egg sammich at the deli downstairs. Anyhow, deja vu decided to strike and for some odd reason an elevator related memory popped in my head.

Back in the day (summer of 1993) some friends and I took a road trip to Ocean city and stayed at a friend's condo. It was an older building, but it did have an elevator, which was nice considering my friend lived on the 8th or 9th floor. One night we got all gassed up on Bartles and James and decided to head down to the boardwalk.

While waiting for the elevator, I bet my friends I could run down the stairs faster than they could take the elevator. I really thought I could do it, at least until I got to the 5th floor. I then decided to get off on each of the remaining floors and press the button (so that the trolley would stop and wait on each floor). Unfortunately, the idea came 30 seconds after the elevator passed the 5th floor.

I just wanted to share that, cause the bible sez sharing is good.

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