Friday, November 11, 2005


I think am officially well or as well as I am going to be, so it is ok once again to poke fun at the sick and infirmed. Actually, my gripe is with the medical system itself.

Last week's visit to the clinic, while effective at procuring "los meds" took my confidence in the medical profession down a peg or two. Despite consuming enough tussin to start to seeing matrix-like effects, I still suffered a litany of aches, pains and generally felt like poop. I was thoroughly convinced I had fallen victim to the bubonic plague or maybe even scurvy.

Not even close. According to Dr. Yi, I had....(insert sound of wheel spinning) a sinus infection. Man, either I am just a wussus maximus or Dr. Yi took a shot in the dark, crossed her fingers and assigned a macro antibiotic strong enough to wreck shop on any bacteria baddies in my system, the one and only Z-pak (it's the 2 pac of meds).

Funny. It was the same med I got last year for my "bronchitis." At the end of the day, it doesn't matter cause I am better.

What is the a point to this post?

Hey look, another man on fire!

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