Sunday, November 13, 2005

A horse on the loose

Any weekend that starts by witnessing an escaped carriage horse running down a busy street is bound to be interesting on several levels. This weekend's adventure included a trip to richmond and my first "sticky rice" experience. I now have yet another reason to adore that city.

The honorable Siever-san sold me on the idea of dining at a Sushi joint which prided itself on selling PBR in cans, both 12 ounce and deliciously evil 24 ounce tall boys (as evidenced by the scan of the beer menu I ganked above). Then he dropped the bomb of sticky rice's other specialty, tater tots sold in a big ass steel pail.

Tots in a pail F yeah (imagine that sung to the tune of the Team America theme song).

As if copious tots in a garden pail and PBR tall boys were not enough, the descriptions in the beer menu are sheer genius. See the image below for a sampling or check out the website for the full list.

It was a grand time indeed and I have the headache today to support that claim.

But the fun didn't start there. Oh no. Along my travels, I saw a fire on that little patch of land in between the inner-loop and outer-loop of 495 and thought to myself, those damn french are invading. Then, when flipping through the current ish of EW, I saw this...

Hmmmm, clever play on words, but talk about extremely poopy timing. I wonder if they will issue any sort of apology. As of yet, nothing is listed on their website. It reminds me of a poorly timed viral marketing campaign for the Nissan Altima. Nissan sent folks on their mailing list a really suspicious looking packing that resemble a giant medicine container. The jist of the ad was something like, you have a fever and the only prescription is more Altima! Unfortunately, the launch fell right at the same time folks were getting weird packages with Anthrax. ewwwww. Not so good. Nissan did send out a letter of apology though.

Carry on.

PS who wins in a fight, Krav Maga or Tae Kwon Do?

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