Friday, November 18, 2005

A sucker is born every minute

As PT Barnum once said, unfortunately he didn't know the Internet age, cause if he did, he would likely cut that time in half repeatedly until it reached a nano-second.

So I am trying to sell a home theater system on craigslist, and pretty much everywhere you turn on that site is a warning about potential scams. As soon as I posted my offer I received half a dozen offers which pretty much boggle the mind.

Here is a sample exchange:

hello seller
i found your item and it look nice let me know if this item is still for sell
Mrs Jeje

Yes, in fact it is the middle of a bidding war, the price is now up to $1,500 from people all over the world! Imagine that!

The first person who shows up with $900 real money (that would be cash or certified check), however will have the distinct pleasure of buying this fine piece of audio equiptment.

I also have a rare monkey for sale if you are interested.

Ok...thanks for your response.i will like to buy it now and i can't meet you any where due to the programm am controlling in New Jersey,so i will like to pay you through Money Order, or US Postal Money Order, so get back to me with your full name and address of where you want the money to be deliver to and am going to pick up my goods after , so i will like to handle the shipping myself. so get back to me soon

Here is another offer from one Mary Luis of the UK...

Thanks for your prompt reply.And am very sorry to ask if the item works very perfect,It is because of some unsincire craigslist seller who display bad item,but now that you have promise that the item work very perfect,I think i can proceed with the payment. Actually, I will be paying through bidpay money order and its not necessary that you should be a member before i can make payment because am already a member.

I think its better and safe and secure because, once i make payment and the payment is approved., its sure that the seller or whoever that is involved will definately receive the money order and thats why it takes them hours to approve after payment.The money order will be delivered to your door step upon approval of payment by bidpay. Payment will be mailed to you in first class mail by (Royal Mail Courier services) and a tracking number will be provided to you which will allow you to track your payment online and will be mailed to your address in 3 to 5 business day first class mail, once its processed.

As soon as payment tracking number is given unto you which signifies that payment is on the way, i mean, as soon as you track the payment online and see it coming, i will like to ship the item immediately due to the urgent need of the item,because am presenting it as a gift to my inlaw who is celebrating her birthday on monday in africa.,And i will like her to receive the package before her birthday date.I shall be paying you $1000.I want you to please buy a good box to wrap the package so it can look very presentable .

As for the shipping, you dont have to pay a dime for it cos i will be responsible for the shipping to destination.Upon approval of payment,i will send you a fed-ex prepaid shipping label to you which you will affix on the package before its picked up from you.I w ill like to hear from you if this is okay by you,Just end the bid.let me have your full name and address as it will be written on the money order so that i can proceed with the payment.

I think I may start to post random things for sale just to see what other sorts of interesting offers I receive.

In other news, its friday woot woot!

Now go see walk the line!

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