Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A hometown kid on his BMX against the best in the world. At Helltrack... the heat is on.

Yeah, that's the tagline from Rad, what's a matter, you wanna fight about it?

Somehow in the random mental workings of my mind, the image of two kids tearing up the dance floor on their BMX bikes at prom listening to "send me an angel" popped into my head this morning, and I wondered if maybe, just maybe, someone had the stones to release this bad boy on DVD. A quick trip to IMDB reveals it is so. A quick trip to amazon reveals that IMDB is full of crap.

One day, one day, we will relive the glory of hell track in digital format, hopefully with Bart Conner commentary. Until then we will have to live with gleaming the cube, which in all honesty is the coke zero of Rad.

In other random wanderings of the mind, last night while out for my birthday dinner, melady friend and I walked by a Slyvan learning center. I had to suppress my inner a-hole urge to fling open the door, point at a kid and yell "you big dummy." I have no idea where these things come from.

Additionally, I almost ran someone over backing up real fast knight rider style in the parking lot at lunch. Judging by his Subway bag, he is semi-health concerned, so I was really just giving him the gift of some extra exercise (ie diving out of the way of an out of control subaru wagon in reverse). He thanked me with a few choice words.

Speaking of gifts, the best girlfriend in the world got me the best present in the world a fancy new black ipod with a laser inscription on the back that reads "I wore black because I liked it -- Johnny Cash."


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