Monday, November 28, 2005

Turkey! Trader Joe's! Thirty!

The trip to trader joe's this weekend was awesome. That place specializes in gourmet food (ie jalapeno chicken sausage without pork) and bitchy moms.

I swear, Walt Disney would have another century's worth of material just by strolling down the sundries aisle. Every corner I turned, I saw some middle age psuedo hippy mom berating a cart full of kids. Can you say Cinderella 2K6: The Remix? I pretty much told shannon when we have kids, she is no longer permitted to shop there.

Oh well what can you do?

Thanksgiving went well, despite the absence of a deep fried bird. Apparently you need to take the turkey out of the freezer about a month in advance and frying a frozen trukey is the leading cause of death in Dundalk Md.

In lieu, but equally neck (aka redneck) I tried a bourbon based glaze. Despite its rather questionnable ingreddies (bourbon, maple syrup, ketchup, soy sauce, brown sugar and lots of country love) it turned out rather nicely. In fact only one person fell out of there chair after eating it. I say give it a shot, but stay away from any heavy machinery afterwards.

Not too much else to report on, however, I do turn 30 tomorrow. Yes thirty. How will I celebrate? I dunno, maybe I will buy some insurance, read the wall street journal or change the filter in the furnace. You know, grown up stuff.

Yeah right. Family guy season 4 comes out tomorrow (coincidence?), so I may very well end up on the couch, sans pantalones, drinking a blue margarita, eating sour patch kids while watching THE best damn show on TV, well um, except for lost.

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The Governess said...

tell me you watched last night's episode. Or was it past yr bedtime? Cause, like, my grandpappy is so into bed by 7:30??????