Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Taser to offer stun gun cameras

I read this headline on CNN this morning in hopes that it was a teaser for an entirely different product, the stun gun camera phone. That would be one really great bad idea, and sadly enough, probably not that far off from reality.

Can you imagine? Someone figures out how to hack into the system and prank call unsuspecting folks with several thousand gigawatts. (Gigawatts, giga-who? Giggidity giggidity goo). Nevermind me, that's just the 'tussin talkin.

Sorry, no shock phones today, but rather the article details how Taser will develop a stun gun that allows the stunner to take pictures, possibile even video of the stun-ee. The need for such a product emerged after controversey surrounding an incident where police tasered a 6 year old.

Not sure where I was going with this or how best to wrap this post up.

Look a man on fire!

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The Governess said...

Okay: so when I used to do the trade shows for the International Police Chiefs annual convention, there was always a taser company or two that would exhibit. And, if you offered yourself up as a guinea pig to get tasered, they'd give you.... (wait for it)... a company teeshirt! That's right! Lines around the building as policemen tried to get low-rate swag and a healthy dose of electrocution, or brain damage, or whatever that thing does to you.