Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Appie Bithdae Guvness

Sorry for the belated birthday tribute to the one and only bootylicious pegasus but apparently your DOB info was lodged on page 24 of the 50 things you're not supposed to know.

Besides, being on time is sooooooo 2005.

Consider this a fashionably late birthday greeting in a David Letterman top ten fashion.

Ten Reasons why the Governess ownz...

10. Her passionate hatred of brendan fraiser.

9. Used to own the world's worst Volvo and wrote a colorful letter to the owner of said Volvo to prove it.

8. Her bliggity blogging posse got me into bliggety blogging.

7. Has a secret (or not-so-secret) email account under the name "dumpslikeatruck."

5. She invented velcro.

4. She is secretly a super hero. She once sat in battery acid while rescuing a small dog and laughed about it. SHE LAUGHED ABOUT IT!

3. Regularly develops restuarant quality halloween costumes such as the lobster cowboy (which is much like my Nun-pirate-Cowboy concept but in a lobsterific sort of fashion).

2. She can literally dominate a 40 (we'll for the first hour or so).

1. Because that's just how it is.


The Governess said...



PS, I just had grilled cheese wit you gurl. it was the hotness.

Weezy said...

No, no...that's actually ME who has the irrational fear of Brendan Frasier...but then again, maybe it's contagious!