Thursday, January 26, 2006

Burn in Germantown, hell.

You're probably thinking "Don't you mean, 'Burn in hell, Germantown?' in the title," right?

No, I standfast behind my original title. Dig around in the archives to the late August/September timeframe and you will find my 3/4 serious: 1/4 tongue-n-cheek tirade on moving out of that forsaken place.

Now, I am starting to believe that Germantown is not at parity with hell, but in fact, a much worse place.

Here I sit at my hotel in Egypt, far far away from the United States as a collective, much less its smaller municipalities. Here I scan the headlines of the Egyptian gazette which has been largely focused on the African World Cup Soccer Tournament currently being held in Cairo. Here I rub my eyes in disbelief, pinch myself twice and call the front desk to see if I am dreaming as Germantown makes the front page of the Egyptian Gazette newspaper for a day care centre shooting.

So please, if you go to review my previous article on the exodus out of the big Germ, please disregard the aforementioned recipe of 3/4 serious, and replace with 110% serious.

In other news, Michael Jackson was spotted in Bahrain dressed like a woman.

In other other news, a man from Bogota employed an unconventional cure for his nephew's hiccups. He shot him. According to witnesses he was only trying to scare him. The uncle then "scared" himself because he felt so distraught.

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