Monday, January 23, 2006

A kick in the McNutz

Dammit cubed.

A 2400 meter hike to the closest McDonald's revealed a startling fact...The McFelafel is no longer being made.

My consolation meal was a "McArabia" grilled chicken sandwich.


Oh well, at least there was a mirage megastore (Virgin megastore with less racy name) nearby according to my map. Guess what? The megastore went the way of the Mcfelafel. I wandered around for 2 hours looking for that son-of-a-bitch like it was platform 14.5 from harry potter.

No luck.

As I made the trek back to the hotel, I had a totally new experience. While crossing a bridge over the Nile a wind kicked up and actually blew dirt off the river onto me. Yes dirt.


As a final stop on my Monday excursion, I hit up Drinkie's, the local beer store and snatched up an interesting assortment of beverages which I will spend the rest of the afternoon sampling.

Here's what's on the menu...

1. Stella export Lager Beer (not to be confused with the Stella you are thinking of)

2. Meister Max (twice the punch of that wussy regular meister)

3. Chill Arack Ice (looks interesting, possibly deadly)

4. Chill Margarita (yummy).

I'll report on the findings later.

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