Monday, January 30, 2006

What really happened...

Off the Wall, Rock with You, PYT, Billie Jean all seminal MJ before that fateful day of 01-27-84, the day the pepsi ad execs decided to pull the ultimate snafu in marketing history, combining MJ's highly volatile jheri curls with pyro-technics.

You see, when MJ's afro went ablaze, the news media failed to uncover the true story of what became of the king of pop following his being whisked away in the ambulance.

They would have you believe that he only suffered horrific burns when the fact of the matter is that the real MJ perished on route to the burn center.

Knowing the consequences of loosing their cash cow (anyone remember Captain EO from the Epcot center?), experts from Disney were brought in immediately to see what could be done. While technologically primitive at the time, the folks from the magic kingdom were no strangers to animatronics and they decided to rebuild MJ as a cyborg.

A famous sociologist once said that society is the acculmulation of unintended consequences and here is a most blatant example. You see, Disney programmers have always geared their products towards a very specific audience, children. Their animatronics crew was no exception. The under the surface of the new bionic MJ resided circuitry with a a single focus, children.

No one could foresee the inevitability that has become the current MJ, nor that the magic of Beat It or Thriller could be mechanically replicated, nor that shoddy 80s material used in the construction would rapidly deteriorate in the 90s. It is a little known fact that MJ's nose was constructed out of Shrinkee dinks and Hubba Bubba chewing gum, hence its subsequent shrinkage.

So sad it is when man attempts to play god.

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